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So after dealing with the custom landing page provided by Lifehacker for sometime which didn’t seem to load properly on a number of smartphones I decided to completely redesign my webpage today. At first I thought I would just develop my own webpage through Dreamweaver, and then include a blog in one of the pages which was powered by WordPress. However I had never actually used WordPress before today, and was completely oblivious of the power one has with the tool; it is hardly restrictive at all. If I was using Dreamweaver I would have to constantly push and pull files via FTP to change the website, but with WordPress I can update most pages easily through the web browser from any computer; something I see as a huge advantage.

Is this a lazy choice? Maybe. But as a teacher of mine said once, “A lazy scientist is an efficient scientist.” I can already see this as a really good choice, and I am now hoping it will encourage me more to write about my projects as I develop.

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